Temporary Luggage Storage Service

Sightseeing without luggage

We handle the temporary storage of many items from large suitcases to small bags of souvenirs. You can enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo whenever you like, free from your bags. Even large items that will not fit inside a locker can be stored at a fixed price, giving you peace of mind. We have a dedicated storage space, meaning our service can also be used by groups.

Charges (including tax)

600 yen per item per day


MH bldg 5F, 1-35-9 Asagaya-minami, Suginami-ku, TOKYO, 166-0004, JAPAN
*Office TEL
*Calling from abroad: (+81)-3-5305-3788 *Calling within Japan: (03) 5305-3788
*FAX number
*Calling from abroad: (+81)-50-3737-8047 *Calling within Japan: (050) 3737-8047
*Open Hours
11:00~19:00 *Closed on Sundays and Holidays
*Nearby Stations
1.JR Chuo-line & Sobu-line: Asagaya Station, 3 minutes from South-Gate
2.Tokyo Metro Marunouchi-line: Asagaya-minami Station, 5 minutes from the gate 2-B


Q01. Size restrictions for baggage?
Baggage must be 200 cm or less in total dimensions of the three sides, and 30 kg or less in weight.

Q02. Items that cannot be stored?
Pets and other living creatures cannot be stored.

Q03. How many days can I store luggage for?
After this time, we will handle the baggage in accordance with the baggage storage terms and conditions.

Q04. Merits of using the baggage storage service?
You can enjoy sightseeing without having to carry your baggage.

Q05. Maximum number of items I can store?
We have storage space for 10 suitcase.

Q06.Do I need to pre-book to store baggage?
Yes. However, when you want to use the service, please contact us in advance.

Q07. Can I store baggage just for a few hours?

Q08. Can I store golf bags, skis, surfboards, snowboards, golf clubs, musical instruments or bicycles?
Yes. However, please understand that the maximum size per item is the “200 Size”.

Q09. What happens if I don’t collect an item?
If you don’t collect an item before the end of the day, we will charge a baggage storage fee every day at the same amount as the original storage fee.

Q10. What happens if I lose my baggage receipt?
We will check your passport and contact details that you filled in when initially storing your baggage.

Q11. Do you offer a group discount?
Yes. Please inquire at the Service Center.

Q12. How is the service different from using a locker?
You can store items that will not fit inside a locker, and items are stored where somebody can see them to give you peace of mind.